According to the internal database or an existing shoe according to the number you wear shoes, please select.


If the shoe interior from background by cutting with scissors reduce the large base of existing shoe interior.


Remove the existing inner sole inside the shoe, the inner soles of shoes, fabric-base markalıve Bezcitex fabric to the left and right side facing up, insert it into the shoe.


Affix the inner base of the shoe inner sole.


Used in the interior of the base absorbs sweat all day long to dry for at least 1 day (24 hours) to rest and take care to use.


Worn without socks and inner soles rest break, because of the sweat and the skin absorbs the oil, careful ventilation to avoid odors.


If necessary, rinse with tap water or water at 30 º C. Detergent, bleach and so on. Do not use substances. Make sure drying at room temperature. Never stove, heater, or leave it under direct sunlight or near sources of iron gibiısı.


Anti-Bakteriyellik every wash, anti-anti-Statiklik and odor will be reduced.


Close to the color of the socks is recommended to use the internal base.


Do not wear socks with dirty and unclean.